Hip-Hop Core : First, Copywrite, thank you very much for this interview.

Copywrite : Oh, no prob.Thanx for havin' me.

HHC : How did you get your first taste of hip-hop and who gave you the will to become an emcee ?

C : My first taste of hip hop music was in 89 listenin' to Will Smith's parents just don't understand.And I think I would have to say scarface gave me the will to be an emcee.

HHC : How did the MHz crew was created ?

C : Well, thats kind of a long storie.Lets just say since the first second I've ever even tried to spit,Jakki was there, so its basically a deep rooted friendship thing.

HHC : Your first solo LP "The High Exhaulted" has been released in 2002 on Eastern Conference Records. Can you explain why you have chosen this title and speak a little about how you feel about your album a few months away from its release ?

C : It's my debut and I just wanted a nice short title that I felt summed things up.I feel the release could have been better.I know that there are kids that have had a hard time finding t.h.e. but hey,what can I say.I'm just happy that theyr'e out even looking 4 it.

HHC : You seem to have a particular relationship with RJD2. There is definitely a chemistry between you, as best evidenced on the gripping "June". Can you tell us more about your bonds ?

C : Well, he's a cool,down to earth cat.I work better with people like that.I hate dealing with cats that get all sensative when you give constructive critisism.It's like working with a child to me.With RJ,I can tell him something he made made me wanna vomit and he can tell me the same.It dosent bother us, so in turn were able to get out some shit that we really feel musically.

HHC : How exactly did you come in contact with Eon & Mighty Mi ? Why did you chose to sign with EC instead of another label ?

C : I met mighty mi and Eon through cage.who I met through bobbito.I feel theyre smart cats so why not get down with theire label?

HHC : Is there any MC you'd like to collaborate with ?

C : jay-z,eminem,jadakiss.

HHC : You used to live in Columbus, Ohio. Then you've settled down in NY, I believe. How was the transition ? Any major differences ?

C : I didnt settle down in ny.I moved back to Ohio.The vibe is better here for me.It's where I grew up.I just prefer living were I grew up.It's nothing for me to travle, so this is the place for me.I lived in NY for maybe a little over a year.It was cool.

HHC : How was it being a white emcee during your battling days of old ? Did you feel any racism towards you or something ?

C : There was racism,ma little in certain situations.But for the most part,everyone in my city knew who I was so they already knew not to pull that race card shit, cause I'd only embarress them more.

HHC : "Table Scrapz" is truly a cult album for me, do you think that MHz will unite again for another LP ? I've heard that Tage Proto has stopped rapping. Is it true ?

C : First off...table scraps is NOT AN OFFICIAL ALBUM.Its exactly what the title says"TABLE SCRAPS".In other words, a bunch of songs from OOOOOOOOLD demos and some of the first singles we released on fondle 'em records.But thanx anyway.I appreciate the compliment.But, for the record, that is by NO MEANS THE MHz DEBUT.We are all talking and getting ready for the officall MHz debut album and NOOO TAGE DID NOT QUIT RAPPIN'.He is sill very much a large part of MHz.

HHC : Are you still in contact with Bobbito Garcia (who kind of revealed MHz through your Fondle'Em 12" and his radio shows) ?

C : I havent spoken to Bob in a minute, but thats my homie 4 life.

HHC : In 2002, we've been graced with quite a lot of valuable releases in hip-hop music. Do you listen to hip-hop on the regular? What albums did you appreciate lately ?

C : Jay-z,gift and the curse,8-mile soundtrack,...can't think of any more.

HHC : By the way, what kind of music do you listen to, apart from rap ?

C : Mostly rap man.I like bits and parts from every genre of music, but I just can't get anough rap.

HHC : You've toured the USA with "The Revenge of the Robots Tour" along with Cage, Camu Tao, Mr Lif, Camu Tao, RJD2 and El-P. How was it ? You must have discovered a lot of new places ?

C : It was dope/It wasnt my first u.s. tour though, my first us tour was with m.o.p.I had fun.I had no clue I had so many fans in certain areas.Like new mexico for instance.They kept us chiefin' with the trees out there.

HHC : What are your links with Def Jux ? EC artists and Def Jux artists seem pretty close.

C : My linx with def jux are that I know el-p and many of the artists on the label and that's it.

HHC : Can you tell us more about the upcoming Weathermen LP ? It's going to be one of the biggest events of 2003. But who are exactly the official members of the Weathermen ? Can you give us some details about "The New Left" ? Who will produce it ? Is there going to be any guest appearances ?

C : I dunno now about production, except camu tao,mighty mi and far as the weathermen go, I think at this point heads know who they are.I f you don't do your research.

HHC : On the "EC All Stars 3" compilation, you've been aiming directly at the critics that accused you of being one-dimensional and of repeating some of your lines. Why did you decide to put your anger on wax ?

C : It's not really anger, its just me stating a fact.

HHC : There's a rumour going on about a beef between MHz and Esoteric. Can you give us the whole story and your views on this ?

C : There's no beef.Ive never heard the guys voice in real life speak to how could u have beef with a person youve never spoke with?

HHC : Today (01/11/03), Cage is in France for a show in Nantes. Do you think you're going to come to France in the next months ?

C : I might.France is the shit.

HHC : What are your projects ? I've heard that there's going to be a "Fire It Up" 12".

C : yeah a fire it up 12" with jeah! and won';t stop as the b-sides with THE HOT AS OSU ARTWORK.614 represent!!!

HHC : Thank you once again for this interview. To finish off, do you have anything to say to the readers of Hip-Hop Core ?

C : Keep doin' your thing whatever it is, whether its slanging weight or spittin hate.
p.s. I'm currently working on a new solo lp.

Interview by Metalik
January 2003

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