Infinito 2017

Hip-Hop Core: You started rhyming and recording tracks at a very young age. How do you manage to keep your interest in the music intact after all these years?

Infinito 2017: The love of my people, the love of my art form, the love of being creative I AM HIP HOP I AM A CREATIVE BEING. Music never gets old to me the more I learn the more I grow. Knowledge is my development. Every time I learn about the classic roots of being a creative indigenous person on earth that develops my interest. I'm always building …Cobalt man…I'm almost 30 also I'm not a child. I'm a wise being of this place we call earth.

HHC: What's so special about your relationship with Thaione?

I: Respect and Understanding……..…as long as me and Thaione respect each other as artist in the same Hip-Hop field, that's the greatest importance of me and Touch down Davis. Our constant growth and development in Black Music as Men.

HHC: What gave you the will to do a full album together? What did you want to accomplish with "Low Income Housing"?

I: Well the love of doing original Hip Hop music and most of all black music from a hard upbringing (me and Thaione happen to be from the same low income area of the South Side of Chicago- I'm from like Roseland around 117 th and Thaiones from like Princeton Park around like 95 th and the Dan Ryan Express way- but met being and doing Hip-Hop) brought us together along with the fact that many of our peers don't realize how connected we are in respects to being black men in the city of Chicago…because so many are not willing to extend the respect, to just exist on equal playing fields, yet separate parts of the city. And build together for the honest love of what you do.

HHC: What was the recording like?

I: Recording this album was the most fun I had since living in Atlanta recording by myself or staying in South Shore when me and my brother had the beach house in Chicago…it was like a natural down to earth brother to brother feeling of creating music ya dig… just build and create with my key word for life, respect.

HHC: "Low Income Housing" is the first release of the newly founded Domination Records. How did you get in contact with DJ Fisher and decide to release your LP on his new label?

I: Well that's another respect factor from just constantly building with Fisher on doing some music together. DJ putting the album out was more of a surprise because I and Thaione were going to do it our selves with my saved Fed Ex checks and Thaione's Dr. Wax left overs. We asked everyone we knew and didn't know for assistance not one person came through. Its like cats just left us hanging. I guess people are getting so caught up in their own arrogance that they really could care less. So Fisher got the demo he liked what we were about as Black Men and Artist and just did what he could with no questions asked. Thank you DJ Fisher you get props for the support guy.

HHC: On that note, you've released what is arguably your best album "Music with Sound Right Reasoning" on Birthwrite. What do you think about the work of this label, that's very dedicated to the Chicagoan hip-hop scene?

I: Well I came to Birthwrite with Pugslee Atomz and he encouraged that move and after I learned the label would be willing to help develop my progress in creating creative music from a Black man hey what the heck. I think Overflo from Birthwrite is a sincere young guy with a lot of ambition.

HHC: Could you tell us a few words about your friend Mr. Skurge?

I: Ok that dude…hmmm all I have to say is he's a different individual who has his own mind and ideals on life. I respect him as a person because he recognizes me as a Man first and we have a friendship built on respect as people. Then we do music as two real life people who happen to know each other through being Hip Hop. We are totally agreeable because we know struggle and we know what its like to not have yet still make something out of no thing at all.

HHC: One of your first appearances on a professionally made record was alongside Sole in 1998. What was your relationship with the Anticon emcees and producers?

I: Hey all I have to say is those guys were cool with Mr. Skurge. I never really dealt with Sole because he told my friend Mr. Skurge that the music that I made was not able to be distributed. So we never had any connection. I thank him for having me on “a professional release” but hey we never really knew each other and still don't. But he always gave me respect for being a free style guy but we never had any bond worth any thing. Ohh the Alias guy was cool. And I also got to meet Slug from them first and I kind of have more of a connection with Slug then those cats.

HHC: Why aren't you in the building? Could you clarify what you meant by that on the Infinito vs. Molemen mixtape?

I: When I'm not available is like one of my many self motivated statements as a way of saying I'm an Individual with my own mind state and my own way of doing things. Don't connect me with any one don't place me in any group besides the groups that I represent and have love for. Family is my importance. I set the trends for INFINITO 2017 OR MARCELLOUS LOVELACE COMPLETE ORIGINAL.

HHC: According to you, why is it important (quoting one of your old interviews) "to do music that a truly honest down to earth mind can understand and acknowledge"?

I: Because our existence as people on the planet earth seems to be this messed up version of what really is. It's like a re organized way of thinking. It's no Facts or Honest accounts of life. So I do music from the soul, more from an actual stand point than from some fallacy or Myth.

HHC: "Old school rules make my hip-hop the best" … Indeed but don't you think that, in music, sometimes, a good way to make truly dope music is to forget about the past and to start from a blank page?

I: See you can never forget the past. From my up bringing the past creates the future. It's a saying nothing is new under the sun. Well to take that to the future its nothing new under you or me. Facts are either stolen or rebuilt. Hip Hop has always been here and it will always be here. Rules are important because that takes away all the phoneys and impostors. A lot of you favourite artist are not living in the image of righteousness… I AM … a lot of these cats are not here to bring Facts they here to destroy tradition. Black Life Black music is straight up tradition you must respect the roots and where all things come from. Cool Herc is a Jamaican so over stand the roots of cultures.

HHC: You've released a LOT of albums. Don't you think that, by releasing fewer projects, you would be able to create higher density albums and to really blow up?

I: Well if you and your people some one you know who has the financial backing would front a project by INFINITO: 2017 OR MARCELLOUS LOVELACE who happens to be him self then I can do that. See Joe I do a lot because I don't have a lot as far as support, friends, support, money, support so I do a lot to make up for what I lack in backing. I'm on my side the reason I exist to you is because of me. I give respect to Mr. Skurge, Mixx Massacre, Memo, and Thaione but the main reason I exist is because of me and the way I do things. If some one in the world is willing to sponsor my music then you will get that one thing that is not available… you dig … ohhh yeah Joe is a slang we use in Chicago.

HHC: When and why did you decide to stop making freestyle tapes and to do more structured and "professional" projects?

I: Well I never stop anything. I got my name because I don't stop. I have beautiful woman in my life because I don't stop. I have a supportive family because I don't stop. I'm always here Cobalt … just last night Dec 22, 2004 me and my cousin Fatnice just happened to be creating some older mix tapes of past freestyle sessions from like 90 to 95 and I have like 80 more from then until now. Hey dude if you came to my crib you would see a lot of stuff because I'm never done. I AM THE WORLDS FIRST MC TAPE MC … look on the corner of some of my older works it's printed.

HHC: What do you love so much about free styling? What do you think that this type of rhyming education has brought you?

I: I like the idea of freedom in words and ideas. It's like you can totally twist a language around into another meaning with enough complex patterns. It has made me more at ease with being able to express myself freely with no out side forces. (i.e. outside my own personal thought)

HHC: Why are you always working on a whole bunch of projects? Are you afraid of the void?

I: No I'm not afraid. I work a lot because I know a lot of people don't have the natural love for Hip Hop that I have and I do it for them. I do it because the projects are within me its just second nature to be productive.

HHC: You're very involved in politics and social activities. How do you feel about the fact that a lot of emcees don't seem to care about that kind of things anymore?

I: Everyone can't be positive and aware so I have to be, because that's what I know, this is how I was raised as a child. My Momma, Grandmother, Father, Uncles and other close family figures made me aware of the political and conscious nature of the world, that's how I got interested. If everyone is not like that, that's cool, someone has to keep an eye open for them at every given opportunity.

HHC: "Unwritten laws tell you when and how to think / I'm not a law-abiding citizen / the law, not for me" . Could you elaborate on this rhyme?

I: From my view point in life the law has not been in my favour even though I abide by the law. In my personal world the law has been very unfair in a lot of instances. The one time I went to jail was because the law put into affect a zero tolerance policy where in the state of Tennessee where I was living at the time they said they can take you to jail for any given reason they “ Law “ feels is just. So there fore / I'm not a law-abiding citizen / the law, not for me" because I was driving down the street and the police took me to jail because they got laws that say the law can do what ever the law would like to do.

HHC: You seem to be afraid to see the Black heritage being stolen from its own people… Even though the condition of Black people in the US hurts, don't you think that music is colorless?

I: Music could be colorless but it's not, because someone other then the person who created the “Black Music” controls the Black music. Some one other then Hip Hop controls and markets Hip Hop, Jazz, etc. How can some one other then the person who creates a style control a style? Styles of Black Music have been sold out into a world that could careless about the people that created the music. That's non-sense! I'm the last to put up restraints but I would like to see the Black people who create and care for the music cultivate the music and keep the definitions relevant. A lot of people don't love their existence enough to stand for their existence but I do and will stand for my creation.

HHC: What's a Regular Black Dude according to you?

I: HMMM … for me it's just being aware of how I'm perceived but in reality of the statement a Regular Black Dude is every Black Man. But most of all it's a Black man who loves himself and his race regardless of the circumstance.

HHC: 4 years after, do you know "who voted for Bush?"

I: Funny… No one voted for Bush! George Bush is a machine who is controlled by powers we as people in the world don't want to see. We are a blind people who fail to control our destinies. The masses cannot see that they control the world but they continue to power the machine by ignorance and weakness.

HHC: You've had pretty difficult childhood and adolescence. You've gone through a lot of tragedies. What gave you the will and the strength to keep your head up and to keep on going?

I: My grandmother and all my elders. They have faced worse situations then I could ever imagine so I have to be strong, so others in my family can be twice as strong and live their life's with a purpose.

HHC: You've lived in a lot of different places and travelled across the USA. What has it brought you?

I: An open mind to all races and cultures. I really respect people when they just be who they are.

HHC: How do you compare Memphis and Chicago ?

I: Like night and day. Memphis is real slow like the people don't know much about other places in detail, but on top of that they could care less its an odd way to be. On the other hand, Chicago is fast like really fast you have to always be aware and alert of your surroundings. So to make it easy if you need to relax go to Memphis if you need excitement Chicago is the spot preferably the South Side. But I do not plan to be in one place for any period of time I must Travel.

HHC: In your biography, I read that you "encountered much rejection from all directions" when you decided to make a name for yourself in Chicago . What type of rejection was it?

I: Well it's just simply being you. That's the essence of originality just being who you are with no mystery or missing part of the story for the most part. Being original from my point of view is when you be yourself. People love to disrespect what they cannot do or be. I'm cool with me and I love myself for who I am and the more I do the better I create. I face a lot of hate because I can easily explain who I am and what I'm about while those who hate wear the mask with make up under it…

HHC: What do you think about other Chicagoan artists and crews such as Twista, Galapagos 4, All Natural or The Opus?

I: They all are great everyone from the city is a great motivation of strength to move forward. Twista is amazing and All Natural is one of my favourite groups.

HHC: Your parents were both working in the US Army. How was it growing up near army bases? What did you learn there?

I: It is real direct and to the point cut dry this is America when you really want foundation of being tough or secret this is a good way to learn I guess because it will keep you wondering. I learned that the military was not for me and I just can't see myself ending up like my parents as far as working and not feeling like you got your just due. No way, I'd rather create.

HHC: How do you feel about the never-ending war in Iraq ?

I: A complete slap in the face to the entire world its like war was created by a bunch of soft people with no heart towards others. It's like the problems that birthed a nation continue.

HHC: On a totally different subject, you've done a lot of home-made videos. What do you like about shooting videos?

I: Videos capture a moment in time! Making videos allow you to completely show how a situation could be. I minor in Documentary film so when I do video it's from that view point I'm capturing an actual moment and extending the moment ya dig…

HHC: How do you manage to be creative and to do interesting videos without having any budget?

I: One word: Heart. Like I said before my Heart and dedication, anything or anyone I deal with is what makes me. I actually love being creative. If couldn't be creative any more I would teach others.

HHC: What do you paint and who are some of the painters you admire?

I: Charles White, Jacob Lawrence, Picasso cause he left handed like me and a Scorpio like me.

HHC: So, you rhyme, produce, paint and shoot videos… Do you plan to be an all-around artist or is it just a matter of experimenting with different things?

I: I plan to do more but I don't want to force anything. Yes I do plan to be all over the place though.

HHC: Music wise, what are you working on these days? I heard about a new I.T. album…


HHC: What can we expect from your future work with the Molemen?


HHC: You still work with Cosmo Galactus and Thaione; Psalm One has recently re-released her first LP… The spirit of the Nacrobats is definitely still alive. Is there any hope for a Nacrobats reunion in your opinion?


Interview by Cobalt
February 2005

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