GM Grimm

Hip-Hop Core : Hi, Grimm. I haven't had the opportunity to tell it to you sooner but welcome home. How does it feel to finally be free and to be able to finally have the opportunity to occupy your position over at Day By Day ?

Grimm : It feels good thank you very much

HHC : In a recent interview for, you said "I found my freedom in jail. I'm not free out there. No one is". Could you elaborate on this idea ?

G : AMERICA IS NOTHING BUT A BIG PRISON that's the whole purpose for it ; look how it was built.

HHC : I've read you're working with Large Professor, just like when you started. You're finally going to be able to record some tracks with him and to make up for the 'Live At The BBQ' thing. I guess you must be really happy. What is exactly in the works ?

G : I can't get into the details but I just got off the phone with him and I know it's worth the wait to find out.

HHC : Do you plan to work with Kurious soon ?


HHC : So now you go by the name of GM Grimm. Why did you decide to switch names once again ?

G : Because I've elevated once again.

HHC : Day By Day is becoming quietly but surely one of the best independent labels around. This year has yet once again been terrific with great releases by Lightheaded, Cadence, Jon Doe or Ayentee. With a more important distribution, it could easily blow up. How do you feel about this and about being (with DJ Fisher) responsible for this ?

G : I don't find us DJ & I responsible for the success of the artist you mentioned; I feel any of the artist could go anywhere and do just as good on any other label and do as good if not better ; I thank them all for giving Day by Day the opportunity to show people we can play a role in what they want to get accomplished.

HHC : You said that you felt like you were responsible for some of the bad aspects of what is hip-hop today. Do you feel like DBD is a way to make up for your past mistakes ?

G : Day by Day is separate from me Day By Day is ALIVE day by day will make it's own mistakes and learn from them and become a wiser company from it; my personal mistakes are between me and the creator.

HHC : The MIC album has been released. Rodan's and Megalon's solo LPs are in the works. How do you feel about the Monsta Island Czars ? How long have you known each of them and X-Ray ?

G : A few years MIC is a dope ass crew.

HHC : What gave you the idea of this Monsta Island thing ?

G : Godzilla.

HHC : You're talking about doing a Superstar Jet Jaguar LP. I'm glad that you don't think about retiring after only 2 more albums anymore then. What has changed (apart from the obvious)? And what's the difference between Superstar JJ and Grimm ?

G : No I'm finished after this next GM GRIMM album I'm going back to school and get my education and get back to physical therapy; Grimm is the past; Superstar JJ is the future. After this I'm stopping; I want to get my life together get married and build a family.

HHC : On your next album as GM Grimm, the list of producers is very impressive : Dr. Butcher, J-Zone, Jon Doe (Prophetix), Cadence, Rob Swift, Ninja B, Sean C, DJ Eli, Louie2, Rayna Shyne, Unagi… Apart from Dr Butcher, a long time friend of yours, these are for the most part unprecedented collaborations. How did you pick these producers ?

G : They are not just producers they are all friends so it was easy.

HHC : Your outlook on life has definitely changed during your incarceration. In which ways do you think your jail experience will be reflected in your future lyrics ?

G : You have to hear them to find that out check out the cut we have on the day by day site called "war" and you'll get an idea where I'm going.

HHC : You're working on a J-Zone/GM Grimm EP. That's fantastic. How did you get in contact with J-Zone? Where you a fan of his work ?

G : I've known him for years and, yes, I'm a fan of his work.

HHC : There's also a Roc Raida/GM Grimm project, I believe. How did this idea pop up? What do you plan to do exactly. Is it going to be Roc Raida on the turntables and production and you on the mic or do you have other ideas? What will be the musical color of this project ?

G : Roc Raida has been my DJ for the last 13 to 15 years; you'll have to wait and hear it;You can check out an audio interview talking about Roc Raida and I with the cypherqueenz (Rayna Shine's radio show) you can check it at my site or

HHC : Do you have any message for the readers of Hip-Hop Core ?

G : Yes always Speak your mind. Don't be fake.

HHC : Thanks very much for answering my questions.

G : No problem , thank you for taking the time for this interview. Peace.

Interview by Cobalt
July 2003

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